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It is believed that a car is an extension of one’s self. The rich and the famous take this belief to heart and thus they buy premium vehicles, which make them the envy of the common man. The significance of luxury cars varies depending on whose point of view has been contemplated. For the masses, anything outside their cost threshold for a vehicle is considered a luxury automobile. To the privileged few, it is about the brand. There are car manufacturers that conjure up pictures of sports cars zooming around a racing circuit burning rubber, although other brands are a lot more linked to royalty and the ruling class. Automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, and Mercedes Benz have automobile models that specifically target wealthy people. The pricing scheme is quite oppressive, but such is the allure of prestige cars, at least to the insanely wealthy. But past pricing and social class standing, luxury cars are essentially the same with vehicles in different segments concerning usability and drivability.

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The difference is largely in security features and customization. Security has always been an important element in selecting which car to buy. Evidently, the more security features in place, the greater the normal retail price. While a typical entry-level car would have a couple of airbags, prestige cars are extremely well cushioned in the event of accidents. cars for sale in chicago with airbags all around to ensure the protection of the driver and the passengers. Needless to say, nobody would argue with this type of built-in security feature, but it will further produce a disturbance in the cost points. It needs to be emphasised that security is not just limited to sticking tons of airbags when they get the opportunity. More often than not, luxury cars would be the first to present security features that would make different cars pale in comparison. To keep cars beneath the prestige group, more features are added that aren’t necessarily needed in a vehicle, however they do make things considerably more attractive to the potential buyer.

The inclusion of nifty gadgets is deemed optional rather than an outright requirement to keep the vehicle moving. There’s this perception that these attributes make the car more important and more valuable. These additional features include voice-activated GPS, back up camera, monitor, and USB interfaces. Even though some of the high-end cars have such as optional attributes, prestige cars listing them as standard features. It goes without saying that cars with rich features are normally regarded highly by both producers and potential buyers. This is even more pronounced if the attributes are associated with safety and security. In regards to security, luxury cars are regarded as the safest in most segments.

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