Deep spiritual information that goes beyond awareness

The spiritual concept of oneness and also interconnectedness informs us that whatever in the universe is made from the same source. All that is, is all that is. It is the here, the there and also everything in between. It is the alpha as well as the omega.

twin flames

We, as spirit youngsters of god, are made in the picture and similarity of god. We are the same stuff of god. God is the designer, the producing and also the created. We were created by god, the maker, while he developed the physical world of the loved one.

God is timeless. We are timeless.

We were produced by god in order for god to recognize experientially all that she recognizes conceptually. We are Gooding, and god is a relentless process.

Although we were developed by god, she does not produce as well as make a decision every one of the important things and experiences of our lives. We, as spirit youngsters, get to create as well as decide these points. God is now the onlooker of his development as well as appreciates the procedure of life as it unfolds in each existing moment experience.

This is how god is experiencing, with us, all that she understands conceptually. What we may call ideal or wrong in this process are events to the onlooker. No event is evaluated right or wrong due to the fact that to do so would certainly infer that the process is flawed.

The onlooker understands that there is excellence at the same time and it is merely our suggestion concerning an occasion that causes an idea of rightness or wrongness. If we change our thought of an event, or watch it from one more twin flames, it will change our valuation about its rightness or wrongness.

God does not judge us for the events and also experiences of our lives. All occasions as well as experiences that we develop, as spirit youngsters, are produced by us in accordance with the procedure of life.

The developer produced the procedure in compliance with her goals and also objectives. Would certainly she evaluate herself for that. The developer created us as spirit kids, in the photo and similarity of god. We are one with god. We are her. What is to judge. As well as definitely there is nothing to condemn.

Or even worse yet, would he develop a place called hell. The concept of oneness does not allow it, because the god of unity awareness is the universal source of all that is.

God created the globe of the loved one in order for her to know experientially all that she knows conceptually. It is not the objective of this god to be different from all that she developed. This god is one with all that has actually been produced. This god is the global source. The procedure of life that was created is much like god. It is boundless as well as timeless.

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